...How your child can enjoy an unfair advantage over
their peers by learning public speaking skills


Like many of us, I went through school being shy, quiet and lacking in self-confidence.

But my confidence grew in leaps and bounds when I joined the Toastmasters organization and learned the very useful skill of public speaking;

During my time in Toastmasters I have taught many children and adults the art of public speaking and seen them grow in self-belief and self-assurance.

It’s a skill that can give your child the edge in job interviews, in the workforce, socializing and countless other situations.

There is no greater joy, or pride for a parent than watching their child’s self-confidence bloom in every area of their life as they learn how to be articulate in front of people no matter how big the crowd.

I’ve put this site together to help pass on this skill to children.

I’ve packed in all the public speaking skills I have learned and taught over the past 18 years. I’ve included video examples so your child can both see as well as read the secrets of good public speaking which include.

  • How to open a speech
  • How to close a speech
  • Effective use of notes
  • Having good eye contact with your audience
  • What do you do with your hands when you speak
  • How to use your voice dynamically
  • The importance of recording yourself
  • The importance of opening your mouth when you speak
  • How to avoid using filler words (like uhms and ahs)
  • How to Control nerves and get over the fear of public speaking
  • How to use humour (even in serious speeches)
  • Getting your audience's attention
  • How to organize a speech in a logical order
  • How to use an overhead projector and microsoft powerpoint
  • When to give out handouts
  • How to speak without notes
  • Keeping to time when you speak

My hope is that your child will learn these skills and enjoy an unfair advantage over their peers.
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All the best for you and your children

Paul Rigney


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